M.A.Technologies provide all types of support services of Installation, Maintenance, Comprehensive after sales support and
Servicing of Specialized Electronic ,Laboratories, Test & Measurement, Industrial Automation Equipment & Instruments .

M.A.Technologies is in a unique position to provide you with the best products and services at the most competitive prices,
goal is to provide total customer satisfaction. While we realize that the goal is elusive, we believe that anything less would be
a disservice to our customers. Our work begins with clearly understanding clients needs, maintaining an infra-structure that will
respond to those needs, and providing consistently superior performance. Strongly believe that only nations who are able to
innovate faster are the one who will reap the benefits of innovation and ultimately live with dignity and enjoy prosperity. Having
a good and workable idea is not just enough; we need to establish adequate infrastructure, conducive environment, competencies,
required technologies, necessary tools to immediately convert great ideas into real products & system. There is a huge sense of
urgency required on our part. The sooner we fully acquire and apply modern technologies, the sooner will we get fully independence
and prosperity on own our way.

A. Indigenous Development for Electrical, Electronic requirements.
B. Repair, Maintenance, Modification & Calibration of:
1. Electronic, Electrical.
2. Panel / Monitoring Gauges, Meters.
C. All Types of chemical, potting materials.
D. All Types of Computer Related Hardware & Software Solution.
E. Refurbishing of outdate machinery.